At Reshape U Clinic

Our Mission

The Reshape U Clinic’s mission is to help hair loss sufferers look and feel their best by offering exceptional, natural-looking hair transplants that defy detection.

Our Difference

The Reshape U Clinic’s unique offering is focused on:

* Accurate hair loss diagnosis and long-term planning
* Skilled artistry in designing natural-looking hairlines and hair transplants
* Advanced techniques to offer virtually undetectable hair transplants
* Exceptional results with reasonable rates

The founder and medical director, Dr. Ahmad Touheed Khan is one of the most trusted and sought-after names in the profession and he has amassed some of the most dedicated and experienced assistants for his transplant team. Together, they provide personalized treatment plans and attentive service – all in a professional, caring and safe environment.

He draws upon several years of experience in family practice and emergency medicine and brings a patient-centered approach to hair transplantation. Dr. Touheed is committed to accurately diagnosing hair loss, discussing all options, and using professional judgment to offer hair transplantation only to those who will truly benefit from it.

The co-founder Dr. Firdous Touheed holds the highest level of certification in her field of Hair Restoration Surgery and has contributed her expertise to hair transplantation journals and textbook articles.

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